A word to the wise

"Ask not the Eldar a question, for they will give you three answers, all of which are true and terrifying to know." - Inquisitor Czevak Turns out, the answers are; "Oh, just a few days", "Our friends will be here shortly" and "We have quite the appetite".

Thursday 29 August 2013

... Group Shots - Striking Scorpions...

A little more from the good folks at PaintedFigs.com. This time the Striking Scorpions (48 are shown here);

Lots of Scorpions Claw goodness!

And some close ups;

Wednesday 28 August 2013

... And out the door they go! (Next batch off for painting)...

Just a quick update, in the next couple of months we should see the following completed by the following artists, so i've put together a schedule of sorts;

Sending off to Vincent (Aka Duskfrost).

1x Forgeworld Avatar (Spear type)
1x Irillyth, Shadow Spectre Phoenix Lord

10x Farseers (inc the four unreleased)

1x Illic Nightspear

2x Non-GW Jetbike Farseers

3x Non-GW Jetbike Autarchs

Followed by;

6x Phoenix Lords (the remainder)
6x Autarchs
3x Autarchs on Jetbike (GW Sculpts)
7x Farseers
1x Bone Singer
1x Harlequin High Avatar
1x Wraithseer

Also in transit are the following to Navin over at PaintedFigs.com;

60x Jes Goodwin Prototype Jetbikes

And returning soon;

81x Ranger/Pathfinders

Currently underway (samples approved!);

38x (+2) Warp Spiders
34x Fire Dragons

Yet to come (Awaiting samples);

70x (+30) Dire Avengers
24x (+10) Swooping Hawks
20x (+7) Shining Spears

Batch two to Navin includes the following (upon return of batch one);

60x Corsairs
120x Wraithguard/Wraithblades
9x Weapons of Vaul
240x Guardians/Storm Guardians

annnnd, a bunch of stragglers (Aspect Warriors - Banshees, Warp Spiders, Hawks, Dark Reapers etc)

The Sound of Machines will soon be getting the following;

27x Non-GW Shining Spears

... The first Phantom Titan (of eight Titan class walkers) - This is pegged for November, however may be a bit sooner.

Speaking of, below is an image that caught my eye regarding a scheme for the Titan paint job. Open to ideas/thoughts as to what I should consider changing to fit the army theme (naturally, no Saim Hann iconography for a start!);

Monday 26 August 2013

... Group Shots - Rangers & Pathfinders...

Given I can't yet do an all inclusive group shot, I will have to make do with group shots of each miniature type in the meantime. First up, 81 Rangers & Pathfinders - Illic to come (once the magic has been performed by Vincent). The reason it came to 81 was due to the direct only "kneeling" Ranger (used as Pathfinders). As you may have guessed, the newer models are being used as Pathfinders, with the older generation as Rangers.

These were all done by PaintedFigs.com, certainly came out a treat!

And for a closer look, front and back;

Saturday 24 August 2013

... Imma break it down...

Some folks have asked for a breakdown of what the Warhost consists of, which i'm guessing has been spurred on from the image of 46 foot based Warlocks recently painted by The Sound of Machines.

Below is a list, although not definitive, which should provide an idea of what is currently in the works - last time I wrote a list, I discovered 20 Warlocks in hiding, yes they really do multiply over time.

HQ Units - Circa 9250 Points

1x Forgeworld Avatar - Spear type
1x Avatar

1x Phoenix Lord - Asurmen
1x Phoenix Lord - Jain Zar
1x Phoenix Lord - Baharroth
1x Phoenix Lord - Fuegan
1x Phoenix Lord - Maugan Ra
1x Phoenix Lord - Karandras
1x Phoenix Lord - Irillyth

4x Autarchs (Including Ltd Edition 2006 Box Set Autarch)
1x Chapterhouse Female Striking Scorpion (Used as Scorpion Autarch)
1x Prince Yriel - Autarch of Iyanden
1x Illic Nightspear - Pathfinder Autarch (Sure, let's go with that)

3x Jetbike Autarchs (Games Workshop Sculpts)
3x Jetbike Autarchs (Non-Games Workshop Sculpts)

1x Forgeworld Wraithseer

4x Spiritseers
1x Iyanna Arienal - Spiritseer of Iyanden (Unreleased Juan Diaz Test Sculpt)
1x Bonesinger (Ltd Edition)

2x Eldrad Ulthran (One to be converted)
12x Farseers
3x Farseers (Unreleased Juan Diaz Test Sculpts)
1x Chapterhouse Studios Farseer (Used as Corsair Void Dreamer)
2x Chapterhouse Jetbike Farseers
2x Non-Games Workshop Jetbike Farseers

47x Warlocks (Seeking one particular sculpt to complete the set)
12x Chapterhouse Jetbike Warlocks
10x Non-Games Workshop Jetbike Warlocks

Elite Units - Circa 8100 Points

*Note; There are a few of each Aspect not included, kept as spares just in case

31x Harlequins - Includes Harlequin Avatar

34x Fire Dragons (4x 6 in Falcons, 1x 10 in Wave Serpent)
40x Howling Banshees (4x 10 in Wave Serpents)
40x Striking Scoropns

60x Wraithguard (6x 10)
40x Wraithblades (4x 10)
20x Wraithguard (4x 5 in Wave Serpents)

Troop Units - Circa 10700 Points

100x Dire Avengers (10x 10 in Wave Serpents)

120x Guardian Defenders (6x 20 with Dual Platforms)
120x Storm Guardians (12x 10 in Wave Serpents - Upgrade bits pending)

76x Windrider Jetbike Guardians
60x Prototype Windrider Jetbike Guardians (Jes Goodwin 2006 Prototype Sculpt)

40x Rangers
40x Pathfinders

Fast Attack Units - Circa 6150 Points

3x Crimson Hunters
3x Hemlock Wraithfighters
3x Forgeworld Nightwing Interceptors

9x Forgeworld Wasp Assault Walkers (Squadrons of 3)
9x Forgeworld Hornets (Squadrons of 3)
18x Vyper Jetbikes (Squadrons of 3)

40x Warp Spiders
34x Swooping Hawks
12x Forgeworld Shadow Spectres

27x Shining Spears (3x 9 per Squad)
27x Non-Games Workshop Shining Spears (3x 9 per Squad)

Heavy Support Units - Circa 7450 Points

3x Forgeworld Phoenix Bombers

30x Dark Reapers
9x Support Weapons of Vaul

4x Falcon Grav Tanks
3x Fire Prism Grav Tanks
3x Forgeworld Night Spinner Grav Tanks
3x Forgeworld Fire Storm Grav Tanks
3x Forgeworld Warp Hunter Grav Tanks

12x War Walkers (3x 4 Squads)
8x Wraithlords (4 Old, 4 New Sculpts)
4x Wraithknights

Corsair Detachment - Circa 2000 Points

1x Corsair Void Dreamer (Previously mentioned Chapterhouse model)
60x Corsairs (6x 10 per Squad)
20x Corsair Jetbikes (2x 10 per Squad - Non-Games Workshop Sculpts)

Warmachines - Circa 16700 Points

3x Forgeworld Lynx Super Heavy Grav Tanks (2x Pulsar, 1x Sonic Lance)
2x Armorcast Tempest Super Heavy Grav Tanks (Counts as Scorpions)
1x Forgeworld MK1 Scorpion Super Heavy Grav Tank (In serious need of repair)
2x Forgeworld MKII Scorpion Super Heavy Grav Tanks
1x Forgeworld MKII Cobra Super Heavy Grav Tank

2x Armorcast Towering Knight Destroyers (Counts as Wraithknight)

1x Armorcast Revenant Titan
4x Forgeworld Revenant Titans (2x Pulsar, 2x Sonic Lance)
1x Armorcast Phantom Titan (With all weapon/head configurations - Used as Warlock Class)
2x Forgeworld Phantom Titans

1x Forgeworld Vampire Hunter
1x Forgeworld Vampire Raider

Total - 60350 Points

Model Count - Circa 1300 Figures

Thursday 22 August 2013

... Update: Shadow Spectres & Harlequins...

Good news everyone!

I have images of the completed Shadow Spectres and Harlequins to share :)

Now, I did make a boo boo in this, I had other colours intended for the Harlequins, yet forgot to send them over (whoops). You know what that means though - yeah, probably gunna have to buy another squad or something later on so I can get the blend nice and even. Can you tell i'm devastated? :P

Looking forward to seeing the Shadow Spectres in person, from the photos the red looks a little too bright, but that may just be the camera being used. Typically i'm not a huge fan of red unless its almost the deep consistency of a good Grenache red wine, as the reference image depicted. Still, I believe Adam has pulled it off :)

UPDATE: After a brief chat with Luke, he has graciously offered to give them a bit of a "darkening" next week. I'm a happy camper indeed. Take note folks, that is SERVICE.

I have to say though, these guys have done a stellar job of getting all this stuff done in under two weeks. No complaints there! But enough of my gabbing on, here they are;

First up, Harlequins...

And the Shadow Spectres... (aka Chargin Ma Lazor)


Wednesday 21 August 2013

Tidbits and very rare items

Along the way to creating a pretty hefty display army, i've stumbled across some pretty rare goodies that i've been very fortunate to acquire (aside from the Armorcast vehicles).

First up, the customised dice and pouch (the pouch you can see in the mass boxes image further down the page);

More recently, I was lucky enough to acquire all four of the Juan Diaz test sculpts (all originals). Each of these had 12 copies made, so I was very lucky to obtain all four from the Godfather of rare miniatures in New Zealand. The one in the top left is the special character Iyanna, Spirit Seer of Iyanden, from the 3rd Edition Eldar Codex - they never released a production model of her.

And now for some very special Jetbikes, made by a friend overseas. Let's just say they make the 1994 Games Workshop sculpts pale by comparison. These turned up yesterday in the mail I might add!

Jetbike Farseers

Jetbike Warlocks

Jetbike Autarch (with all the extra trimmings)

And some fancy new Shining Spears

Proof of life (heh)

... A paint scheme is chosen... (Part 4)

The (almost) final chapter to the standard Eldar Warhost. Note, I say almost because i've not yet embarked on the Warmachine side of things, of which there are over 20 to be sorted out.

Instead, this is the WIP scheme allocated to all non-super heavy vehicles. My mate back North graciously offered to do the full build/magnetisation/painting of my tanks, walkers and flyers. All paid for in plastic crack (with some other "thank you" gifts thrown in of the more exotic variety - no, not that).

Big props go to Clinton for his very neat work with an airbrush and insane patience! Love you long time mate.

... A paint scheme is chosen... (Part 3)

You're probably wondering what I did with my HQ units? Well, I decided to go a little "all out" on them. It took a while, but I found someone who enjoys painting them as much as I enjoy seeing them painted. Thus, aside from the Warlocks (there were just far too many affordability wise), all HQ models, including my Forgeworld Avatar, are off to be spoilt.

A list I hear you ask? Sure, why not;

1x Forgeworld Avatar
7x Phoenix Lords (including whats his chops of the Shadow Spectres)
1x Illic Ivabiggun
5x Autarchs
6x Jetbike Autarchs (New and old sculpts, more on that later)
1x Wraithseer (Oh my yes)

1x Bone Singer
1x Eldrad
18x Farseers (And a Doomseer for good measure)
4x Jetbike Farseers

I'm sure there are others, but the brain isn't in sharp order at present.

Make sure you have your eyes stapled into their sockets, i'm about to introduce Vincent from Adelaide. Alternatively known as Duskfrost on CoolMiniorNot, Vincent regularly scores between 8-9. In short, your eyes may just have an orgasm - this has been a community service announcement.

More of Vincent's goodies can be found here (along with his commission service below);

WIP Necromunda Farseer (Aka Mr.Ragequit) - Yes, you read that right, WIP O_o

Regular Farseer (This was the test sample)

... A paint scheme is chosen... (Part 2)

Whilst many busy Sri Lankan studio workers tend to the bulk of my Warhost, I have three other commissioned artists working locally here in Australia (Sydney, Adelaide and my hometown of Rockhampton).

Let me begin with the good lads over at The Sound of Machines (Luke & Adam). I've entrusted these boys with my second tier HQ and some of the more intricate troops of the Craftworld - You can see why with the photos below! Whilst i've not really had any interactions with Adam (the painter of the below), Luke I have had a fair amount to do with, always finding him to be accommodating.

Later in the year, these boys may just find themselves assembling the first of many Warmachines - Budget pending of course.

Oh and here's a plug to their Facebook page :D


This pair have been chipping away at three different units as of recent;

47x Warlocks
12x Jetbike Warlocks
12x Shadow Spectres
30x Harlequins

So without further ado;

Warlocks... so many Warlocks...

And just to get an idea of what they all look like together...

I wonder what kind of Focused Witchfire template you'd need for all that psychic happiness?

Now onto the Harlequins

And some WIP Shadow Spectres, painted pics to come tomorrow!

... Finally, a paint scheme is chosen... (Part 1)

As the famous movie quote goes, "There can only be one".

I had waited many a year for this moment. One where I could actually settle on a theme I wanted through the army. Somewhat inspired by my love of Orange, Tigers and the old school Corsairs (Eldar pirates as they were once known), it was time to begin sorting out the schemes for each unit.

Easier said than done.

Now, with over 1200+ models accounted for, allocating schemes whilst maintaining a coherent look was going to be a mission in itself. I just didn't realise how much.

Finally, in January this year (2013), I was well on my way. Given the amount of time I spend at a computer, commuting and general lack of hand-eye coordination, I chose the smarter route, deciding to go with commissioned artists. Figured if I was going to have a good looking army on display, my half arsed attempt would only do it a great disservice. Kinda like getting to the end of a marathon and dropping dead of a heart attack just before the finishing line.

Initially, one studio was chosen to do the miniatures. Specifically with mass troop output in mind, I went with a company in Sri Lanka. I had heard mostly good things and decided that it was within my affordability range to go with them.

Navin (the proprietor of PaintedFigs.com) has been cracking the whip behind his studio cohorts in order to get the bulk of my regular 40k miniatures painted. Let's just say it is a mammoth effort and one that I am very grateful for. Boy oh boy is our email thread a doosey.

Plug, plug, plug... Facebook goodness here;

After a bit of tweaking, scheme changes etc, things were moving smoothly. Keep in mind that when dealing with commissioned artists, they each have their own strengths and weaknesses. So know how you will set out the intended scheme to cater to their strengths! Looking at the models below you will see what great schemes can be achieved sticking to this principle.

Only one small hiccup was identified, which was the HQ models - This was not through any fault of the Studio I might add, more my preference specific to the styling sought. Really I wanted them to pop amongst the rest, and decided to go all out. This was going to chew up more time than was economically feasible - I didn't want to stuff them around given the good rapport between Navin and myself (this isn't a discredit to their services, as I mentioned, each has their own style).

As shown below, the Aspect Warriors and Rangers have come out a treat;

Howling Banshees first off the rank

Followed by Striking Scorpions

Followed by Dark Reapers

Followed by Rangers & Pathfinders

And a little sample of WIP Warp Spiders...

... And the WIP Fire Dragon scheme

... Price discrepancies & new found friends...

Trickling on from 2003, the Craftworld picked up a steady pace. Although, my affection for the gaming side of things was waning. I was transitioning into the Collector mainstream now.

Once in a while, I would find good deals, jump on them and add to the collection - Of note, 20 Wraithguard (at about $5 a pop), Warlocks (again at a few dollars each) and generally decent hearted people who were over the game just wanting to make a couple of dollars.

Then I found Dave.

I had decided I wanted to obtain new Wave Serpents and kit from the 2006 4th Edition Codex release, yet did not want to pay through the rear end for it. Games Workshop was now in full swing with their rampant price increases and geo-blocking policies. Sadly, whilst my disdain for the company's accounting dept was (and still is) in full swing, I did love the product and wanted to finish this army off.

Suddenly Dave appeared (my knight in shining armour of the Gaming world). At this point, we both loved GW products (his passion being Orks), offering a very generous discount which equated to (after shipping) 60% off the AUD RRP. How could I possibly pass this up for BRAND NEW Eldar miniatures? I couldn't, it was a no brainer.

Whilst the list grew in size, now being able to afford more than my wildest dreams could have previously imagined, I had custom dice made and custom embroidered velvet pouches created to accompany the rest of the Craftworlders home. Dave generously allowed me to send extra bits and pieces to his place, to save shipping - aside from his generosity, we grew to be good friends (even so to this day). Who knew appreciation of the female form and war dollies could bring two grown men so close?

Almost every couple of years, Dave gets an order from me with goodies to purchase. And whilst this is slowing, by geez does he know how to pack a box.

Shown below, the first ever box of goodies Dave shipped back in 2007. The one below that, 2012. Stay tuned for the 2013 box of love with the new Eldar releases of 6th Edition.

Ok, so for the life of me I can't find the 2012 order images... But you get the idea from the 2007 order. I don't do things by halves.

EDIT: Ok, so I found the photo from 2012...

... Clash of the Titans...

It all began with the company Armorcast. Yes those lovely lads who decided to take Epic scale Titans and bring them into the 28mm scale, just for a laugh.

During my weekend web browsing adventures at my fathers office (I didn't have Internet at home you see, yes Australia is a tad piss weak in that regard), hording articles on Eldar tactics, builds etc, I came across Armorcast's website. To me, I had hit paydirt. Very few people in Australia, let alone the local gaming circles had heard of this bunch - nor could they afford the pretties.

Needless to say, I had to have them. My Aunt (who was the only one that could identify with my obsession - hell she was hooked on Vintage dolls), saw the glee in my eyes, stating if I got good marks that year, i'd find myself in the good company of a Revenant Scout Class Titan.

Sadly, it was also the year I discovered girls - more the point, girls with boobs. My chances of owning one were now scattered to the winds.

Adding insult to injury, Armorcast were given the pimp slap by Games Workshop, who they were operating under license via, which ultimately mean't that in 1998 they could no longer sell such delights. I was crushed.

Fast forward five years...

Now I was somewhat gainfully employed, or at least had a few dollars to burn. The website "Bartertown.org", had been found in my travels for cheap miniatures.

Low and behold, I did find the Revenant Titan I had so longed for. And it wasn't much more than the original asking price! So after sending a mail order overseas, waiting a month and trying not to wet myself in anticipation - it finally arrived. Yet, did it sate my hunger? No, not really no. If anything it made things worse.


Rewind to 2001. Around this time, another company sprung up (as a branch of Games Workshop). Forge World had been thrust into the spotlight with the Eldar Scorpion Super Heavy Grav Tank debuting in a December edition of White Dwarf. Again, the timing couldn't have been more perfect. December was always full of funds from loving family members. Normally, I wouldn't have been able to justify the $300AUD price tag on this monster, however I had just spent two weeks (some of which hospitalised) with a combined case of Glandular fever and tonsillitis. 

I badly needed a "pick me up" given I was so weak from not being able to eat that I needed assistance to get out of bed.

When the Scorpion arrived, it certainly did give me a lift, except for the fact one engine was bigger than the other and the fins had all been busted to hell in transit. Seriously, the engine on one side stuck out 2mm past the rear of the hull. I still have the tank, but the runabout GW gave me had me ready to throw the thing through their shop window.


Fast forward to 2003ish. With the Super Heavies now starting to look a little in the minority amongst a rapidly growing Craftworld force, I felt they needed a friend. In the form of a Phantom Battle Class Titan.

After posting on Bartertown.org (now .com), a VERY generous Canadian sent me a message stating he had one, mint in box that was ready to part ways. The real kicker is he only wanted what he paid for it. My head swam in disbelief - A mint condition Phantom Titan for a cool $180USD. The shipping kicked my arse a bit, and it did take almost two months to arrive - but by god was it worth it.

This newly acquired tower of destruction was the envy of my friends - and certainly saw a few mouths drop to the floor. Now the proud owner of three Super Heavies, I was on the path to something.

... Probably 17 years overdue, better late than never...


Given last night I had a very close bond with the toilet due to food poisoning, and my boss told me not to do any work today... well I figured now is a better time as ever to kick this off.

So way back in 1996, I began looking at this miniature game called Warhammer 40,000 (circa 2nd Edition). Given I was 13 at the time and loved the hell out of military stuff, plus all things Sci fi, naturally it was right up my alley. This compulsion to play with little plastic men of the Rolls Royce variety kicked off a collection of sorts. Naturally, I began with Space Marines - Isn't this the case for just about all those who have played the game?

Fast forward to November 2007. Back when the allies thing was pretty much the norm (hell I had a Crusade style army consisting of the four Smurf chapters), the advent of the Falcon Grav Tank pretty much spelled doom for my wallet - which at 14 wasn't all that full to begin with. Good thing my B'day and Xmas are so close together eh?

As you may imagine, I blew my wad (of cash) on a bunch of Eldar, intended to be used as a super smooth Allies detachment. It went a little something like this;

2x Falcon Grav Tanks
2x Vyper Jetbikes (Yes they were called Jetbikes back then)
2x Guardian boxes (Six to a box, so the Falcons had company)
14x Jetbikes (with about four Shuriken Cannon variants)
1x Eldar 2nd Edition Codex

I was lucky enough to have an Aunt that understood and appreciated my addictive personality, coupled with a like of expensive things (My mother was never told just how much I spent that day).

After zipping back to my Grandparents place in Brisbane, I began pouring over the possibilities, unbeknownst to me that I had just bought a Saim Hann force, fully capable of pure pop-up attack joy.

Shit got real, very very quickly.


The Army itself got bolstered quite rapidly in the following year, seeing an additional 14 Swooping Hawks (back when squad sizes were in lots of seven), Warp Spiders, Eldrad with some Warlocks here and there. Of course, it was then my mission to add in Howling Banshees, Striking Scorpions, Dark Reapers and an Avatar.

I was very fortunate to have found a supplier by the name of Trace Geller, who operated a store by the name of Mega Comics and Games. Trace was a godsend, especially in 1998/1999 when my wallet was still empty being a poor high school student, saving his lunch money for that next bulk order from the USA. Again, I found myself adding to this already solid sized army.

War Walkers, Dreadnaughts, new Guardian sculpts, Rangers, all of which were purchased for insanely cheap prices compared with Australian retail (which was borderline criminal, even back then). I was well on my way to OCD with this love for the Eldar.