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"Ask not the Eldar a question, for they will give you three answers, all of which are true and terrifying to know." - Inquisitor Czevak Turns out, the answers are; "Oh, just a few days", "Our friends will be here shortly" and "We have quite the appetite".

Saturday, 24 August 2013

... Imma break it down...

Some folks have asked for a breakdown of what the Warhost consists of, which i'm guessing has been spurred on from the image of 46 foot based Warlocks recently painted by The Sound of Machines.

Below is a list, although not definitive, which should provide an idea of what is currently in the works - last time I wrote a list, I discovered 20 Warlocks in hiding, yes they really do multiply over time.

HQ Units - Circa 9250 Points

1x Forgeworld Avatar - Spear type
1x Avatar

1x Phoenix Lord - Asurmen
1x Phoenix Lord - Jain Zar
1x Phoenix Lord - Baharroth
1x Phoenix Lord - Fuegan
1x Phoenix Lord - Maugan Ra
1x Phoenix Lord - Karandras
1x Phoenix Lord - Irillyth

4x Autarchs (Including Ltd Edition 2006 Box Set Autarch)
1x Chapterhouse Female Striking Scorpion (Used as Scorpion Autarch)
1x Prince Yriel - Autarch of Iyanden
1x Illic Nightspear - Pathfinder Autarch (Sure, let's go with that)

3x Jetbike Autarchs (Games Workshop Sculpts)
3x Jetbike Autarchs (Non-Games Workshop Sculpts)

1x Forgeworld Wraithseer

4x Spiritseers
1x Iyanna Arienal - Spiritseer of Iyanden (Unreleased Juan Diaz Test Sculpt)
1x Bonesinger (Ltd Edition)

2x Eldrad Ulthran (One to be converted)
12x Farseers
3x Farseers (Unreleased Juan Diaz Test Sculpts)
1x Chapterhouse Studios Farseer (Used as Corsair Void Dreamer)
2x Chapterhouse Jetbike Farseers
2x Non-Games Workshop Jetbike Farseers

47x Warlocks (Seeking one particular sculpt to complete the set)
12x Chapterhouse Jetbike Warlocks
10x Non-Games Workshop Jetbike Warlocks

Elite Units - Circa 8100 Points

*Note; There are a few of each Aspect not included, kept as spares just in case

31x Harlequins - Includes Harlequin Avatar

34x Fire Dragons (4x 6 in Falcons, 1x 10 in Wave Serpent)
40x Howling Banshees (4x 10 in Wave Serpents)
40x Striking Scoropns

60x Wraithguard (6x 10)
40x Wraithblades (4x 10)
20x Wraithguard (4x 5 in Wave Serpents)

Troop Units - Circa 10700 Points

100x Dire Avengers (10x 10 in Wave Serpents)

120x Guardian Defenders (6x 20 with Dual Platforms)
120x Storm Guardians (12x 10 in Wave Serpents - Upgrade bits pending)

76x Windrider Jetbike Guardians
60x Prototype Windrider Jetbike Guardians (Jes Goodwin 2006 Prototype Sculpt)

40x Rangers
40x Pathfinders

Fast Attack Units - Circa 6150 Points

3x Crimson Hunters
3x Hemlock Wraithfighters
3x Forgeworld Nightwing Interceptors

9x Forgeworld Wasp Assault Walkers (Squadrons of 3)
9x Forgeworld Hornets (Squadrons of 3)
18x Vyper Jetbikes (Squadrons of 3)

40x Warp Spiders
34x Swooping Hawks
12x Forgeworld Shadow Spectres

27x Shining Spears (3x 9 per Squad)
27x Non-Games Workshop Shining Spears (3x 9 per Squad)

Heavy Support Units - Circa 7450 Points

3x Forgeworld Phoenix Bombers

30x Dark Reapers
9x Support Weapons of Vaul

4x Falcon Grav Tanks
3x Fire Prism Grav Tanks
3x Forgeworld Night Spinner Grav Tanks
3x Forgeworld Fire Storm Grav Tanks
3x Forgeworld Warp Hunter Grav Tanks

12x War Walkers (3x 4 Squads)
8x Wraithlords (4 Old, 4 New Sculpts)
4x Wraithknights

Corsair Detachment - Circa 2000 Points

1x Corsair Void Dreamer (Previously mentioned Chapterhouse model)
60x Corsairs (6x 10 per Squad)
20x Corsair Jetbikes (2x 10 per Squad - Non-Games Workshop Sculpts)

Warmachines - Circa 16700 Points

3x Forgeworld Lynx Super Heavy Grav Tanks (2x Pulsar, 1x Sonic Lance)
2x Armorcast Tempest Super Heavy Grav Tanks (Counts as Scorpions)
1x Forgeworld MK1 Scorpion Super Heavy Grav Tank (In serious need of repair)
2x Forgeworld MKII Scorpion Super Heavy Grav Tanks
1x Forgeworld MKII Cobra Super Heavy Grav Tank

2x Armorcast Towering Knight Destroyers (Counts as Wraithknight)

1x Armorcast Revenant Titan
4x Forgeworld Revenant Titans (2x Pulsar, 2x Sonic Lance)
1x Armorcast Phantom Titan (With all weapon/head configurations - Used as Warlock Class)
2x Forgeworld Phantom Titans

1x Forgeworld Vampire Hunter
1x Forgeworld Vampire Raider

Total - 60350 Points

Model Count - Circa 1300 Figures