A word to the wise

"Ask not the Eldar a question, for they will give you three answers, all of which are true and terrifying to know." - Inquisitor Czevak Turns out, the answers are; "Oh, just a few days", "Our friends will be here shortly" and "We have quite the appetite".

Tuesday 31 December 2013

Current Schedule and WIP Sneak Peak

Well I thought a bit of a status update on where everything is at wouldn't go astray. Plus a few teasers here and there.

1. Eldar Planetscape - Elliot from CustomTerrain.net has put up some new photos of the six panel modular table. I was pleasantly surprised when I realised that not only are the boards modular, but the terrain on them is as well - for a very large combination of landscape possibilities. Keep in mind that there are some very very funky structures coming as well. All inspired by the Dawn of War II computer game. I've also happened to get my hands on some GW examples that were intended for release, yet simply remained as sketches - they look amazing - so stay tuned as I fully intend on having these realised as well.

Inset below - Blue areas denote where Eldar buildings can be placed, brown denotes the tiled dust covered rune work;

All project progress can be viewed here.

2. Eldar Shining Spears - Navin over at PaintedFigs.com is currently stamping out 20 of the 27 Games Workshop Shining Spears, as shown in the sample pictures previously. The colour scheme was kept the same as the Russian made Shining Spears for uniformity sake, and they've worked out pretty good considering the dated model. Next up are either the Swooping Hawks or resculpted Jes Goodwin Jetbikes (sixty of them). So stay tuned!

3. Eldar Phoenix Bomber - Luke from The Sound of Machines is going to get his hands dirty in the New Year working on this bad boy as an example piece. The reason I say example is because the same theme (if successful) will be applied to all Warmachines over the next 2-3 years. Yep, all 20+ big bessies will be getting their love in the same place. Ive nicked a previous concept for a Nightwing Interceptor found on the Internet as inspiration regarding how this will look - essentially the orange graduated flow and semi gloss black will be key. Pictured below;

4. Tanks, so many Tanks - Clinton back up North has been busy building and painting up Wave Serpents recently (10 of 16, with 31 Serpents in total). I had this image txt'ed to me a couple of days ago as to the progress of how they're coming along. The blue on the underside is to give the impression of power generation for the skimmer function of the craft. It will be getting a similar appearance to the (also nicked concept) image below Clinton's, minus the Beil Tann vines.

5. Eldar HQ Models - Vincent, we can't forget Vincent! The lad has gone and got himself hitched (congratulations mate if you're reading this!). I've no doubt we will see more magic from Vincent later in January, however the poor bugger is on a very well deserved break right now :)

Saturday 21 December 2013

New Harlequin Jetbike Pieces

So a little Xmas surprise from my good mate over in Russia (You may remember his crazy Jetbike Farseers/Warlocks/Autarch/Shining Spears etc - all sculpted solo). With the replacement missing Jetbike canopy (presuming good ole Customs lost that one), Sergey has put a huge smile on my face in the form of some free sample work pieces - Harlequin Jetbike heads. What a champion! :D

So far the heads and canopies have been created - presumably with the bodies to come! Hmmm, the talent out there seems to keep growing ;)

Eldar Display Table: Updated (With Video)

Good ole Elliot from CustomTerrain.net has been busy putting together the sand drifts on this very crazy commission... thought i'd share his latest update with you all :D

(He was even kind enough to do a short dramatic video!)


For more, and updates, Elliot has a project page set up here - http://www.customterrain.net/6x8-eldar-planetscape.html

Wednesday 18 December 2013

GW Shining Spears: Sample mock up...

Good ole Navin over at PaintedFigs.com just got back to me with the revision sample for some Shining Spears of the Games Workshop kind. Previously, I had the Non-GW Shining Spears done up which set out the theme for how future Spears were to be painted. Don't pay much attention to the linework at present, keeping in mind this was a mock up model that has had a few layers of paint to make sure the colours were right before being stamped out en mass :)

When these are sorted out (and the stragglers are sent over), there will be 54 (six full squads of nine) Shining Spears, each with its own Jetbike Autarch to lead the spearhead.

Wednesday 11 December 2013

Eldar Planetscape 8x6 Wargaming Table...

Two nights ago, I had an email from Elliot over at CustomTerrain.net who has been busy kicking off the 8x6 foot Eldar Planetscape commission. Naturally, having heard he began work, i've been mashing the F5 button tracking updates in excited anticipation :)

Last month, the foam (which probably took up half of Elliot's studio) arrived, and yesterday the cutting began... it has begun indeed. An exciting Xmas period this will be indeed, watching as things come together!

The progress of which can be viewed here... http://www.customterrain.net/6x8-eldar-planetscape.html

Note: Each of the six boards is 2x4 foot in dimension for modularity.

UPDATE: The abandoned Star port ruins of a scorched maiden world begin to take shape...

Friday 6 December 2013

Old School Harlequins Everywhere!

Today has already been a very very good day. Why? My co-workers wondered the same thing when they heard lots of colourful language coming from my corner of the building. As one does when 99 original Harlequins turn up at your office, accompanied by a few other extras that just make it so much sweeter!

So what turned up?

74 Harlequins, covering every model produced
25 Harlequin Jetbikes (evil smile canopies galore)
2 Epicast Wave Serpents (Armorcast also made them)
1 Gyrinx (just because the other one was lonely)

BONUS... The lad also threw in some extra Rogue Trader Era Guardians, specifically the sonic amplifier one and a few other Eldar Musicians... Now you know what gets Dave in a gooey state.

As i'm at work and don't really have lots of time to go fooling about, I whipped them out for display on the desk, with just a few pulled out of their bubble wrap for a picture moment.

Sha zam!

Friday 15 November 2013

Dire Avenger Group Shot...

It certainly has been a day! Navin from PaintedFigs.com just got back to me with this group shot of (66/70) Dire Avengers - that is not an insignificant amount of Shuriken firepower ;)

The remaining 30 will be shipped over towards the end of the first batch being done, for a full 100 in total. Very happy with the way these turned out, i'm sure they will look sexy as hell next to their dedicated Wave Serpents on the battlefield!

EDIT: Now I have a few individual shots to share :)

Seven Exarchs (of Ten);

Regular Dire Avengers, front and back;

Friday 8 November 2013

Galactic Rockband of Awesome - Spirit Seers...

Good ole Lukey from The Sound of Machines flicked me some nice shots of the Spirit Seers Adam has done up. These were done a few weeks ago, however the boys have been busy as hell sorting out a bunch of events recently :) good times for all!

Here's a little more eye candy, with the four latest additions to the Warhost - Rock on!;

Thursday 7 November 2013

Rare Prototype Bonesinger - Let me sing you the song of my people...

Again I have been spoiled by one of my mates overseas. Last night I had an email asking if I would like one of two cast Prototype Bonesingers. Of course, I said yes, like any Eldar obsessed nutbag would. This puppy will be going straight to Vincent when it lands in my mailbox. Oh happy times indeed :D

Below, a picture of the model, sketch concept and artwork from whence it came - Enjoy!;

Friday 1 November 2013

... Dire Avenger Sample...

Ok, so I had approved this little sucker three weeks ago, however with all the shenanigans (and the fact I had the previous version on here), I forgot to put it up! Bad Dave.

So here is the final sample in all its glory, which Navin has mentioned is being stamped out en mass. Seventy of these little buggers are being painted up right now, with another 30 to be sent over in the near future. Each has their own Wave Serpent I might add, just so no one feels left out when lapping with the lads.

Stay tuned for the group shots in the coming weeks :D

Next up? Well it's either Shining Spears or Swooping Hawks... place your bets now ladies and gentlemen!

Monday 28 October 2013

UPDATE: Leonardo Da Vincent's Farseers...

Well, my mate Vincent (Duskfrost - CMON, WAU) down in Adelaide certainly has a knack for lifting my spirit on a Monday. I woke to find an email with the latest drool worthy photos, containing a group shot with 4 of the 20 Farseers completed so far and the most recent addition - A Lava themed Farseer.

First, the group shot...

Up close and personal with the Lava Farseer;

... And of course the finished Frost Farseer;

So as you can see, things are looking very tidy - very much starting to get a mental picture of how these are going to look as a group on the Eldar table currently under commission by Elliot at CustomTerrain.net

Sunday 27 October 2013

... And the winners are! (Titan Scenic Base)...

Leading the tally for the Titan scenic base wreckage is the Chaos Thunderhawk Gunship, closely followed by the Brass Scorpion.

 So where too from here? Well, for one I now have to order them over the next couple of months in prep for January/February when the first of the Phantom Titans begin work.

At present, Luke from The Sound of Machines is currently working on one of my Phoenix Bombers to see what can be done paint wise and how the scheme may work. Once that has been sorted out, i'll be able to shoot over part of the wrecked Thunderhawk Gunship, which hopefully will be in my possession by then.

The idea i've been mulling over is breaking the Thunderhawk into two pieces, so the front end is used on one base, and the rear on another. I think a couple of Fire Dragons and perhaps an Autarch nearby would work well. I'm pretty much sold on the Armorcast cinematic effects for the Exarch's Dragon Breath Flamer bellowing into the torn opening of the Thunderhawk... for a Sunday roasting of sorts.

Now, which Chaos brass to purchase for "Chaos'ing" up the Thunderhawk... may need another poll.

Thursday 24 October 2013

Quick Update...

Hi all, just a quick one as to how things are progressing so far, with some major updates coming in the next few weeks;

1. Axiom from Warseer has sent me some very rare items that will be getting only the best love and attention they deserve. The Dawn of War Farseer and two Warlocks finished by Shane Hoyle (oh and a lovely Webway portal from the original Dawn of War PC game... mmmmmm). Axiom also included a sensational Eldar casualty sculpt (1 of 10 cast) which has a very distinctive Exodite look about it - Objective marker here we come!

2. The first of two boxes arrived from the US (via my good mate and personal man whore Dave). I will retrospectively update with photos when I get my rear into gear. Included were both Limited Edition Eldar books (core and Iyanden) in all their overpriced dust cover glory. As a collector that was the ONLY justifiable reason to buy these at that price - i'm still a little guilty about it honestly. One look at the four Wraithknights kinda takes me to a happy place though - such gorgeous models.

3. Luke & Adam from The Sound of Machines have completed the Eldar Jetbikes (Warlocks and Shining Spears), with adjustments etc - and they look the ducks nuts. Spirit Seers are also sorted out I believe :) with two more to be sent over very soon (to round numbers up to 50).

4. Navin over at PaintedFigs.com has kicked off the approved Dire Avenger paint scheme, so we should be seeing 70 of those little buggers sorted out soon... with another 30 to be sent over in batch two! Stay tuned, Jes Goodwin Jetbikes, GW Shining Spears and Swooping Hawks to come ;)

5. Elliot has also got back to me earlier today with budget details and a kickoff date (1st of December). The project is now locked in, deposit paid and purchasing process for materials underway - http://www.customterrain.net/6x8-eldar-planetscape.html

6. And my good mate Clinton back North has also advised me the tanks are now well under way, thing having settled down :) So we shall see some solid armour very soon to accompany all the foot sloggers. What can I say, the lad loves an airbrush and does VERY neat work. Upon the arrival of second said box from the US, he will be getting a mother load of plastic crack in payment. Clinton, soon you will have a Tau army reminiscent of its former glory!... and Necrons... and Dark Eldar... and Grey Knights... oh my.

Stay tuned for photos of completed items, general eye candy and plans for the next round of goodness. Things sure are screaming along now and holding pace.

Monday 14 October 2013

Leonardo Da Vincent - Tau Battlesuit

Ok, ok... I know this isn't Eldar related in any way shape or form. However, given the talent gone into this piece, plus the fact Vincent is doing such a stand up job on the HQ miniatures i've sent his way, I had to give "mad props" and "street cred" to his latest personal work - a Tau Battlesuit.

... i'll stop jabbering and let you all drool over this work of art...

PS: If you're reading this Vincent, your talent it so good it makes me sick - i'm questioning my own existence.

Thursday 10 October 2013

Custom Eldar Table - Update

Recently, I heard back from Elliot over at CustomTerrain.net regarding my very dodgy sketch attempts at a layout for the double sized custom Eldar table. Suffice to say the man is a genius with taking concepts and transforming them into workable ideas of art (even at this early stage).

The level of detail and blending of ideas has some a fair way in a short time. Whilst Elliot is busy knocking over other projects (it's a busy time of year for him), we've been doing the back and forth thing to settle on a final concept before the work kicks off.

I've attached a couple of his far superior sketched images below, however if you want to see the full concept description and images, please visit the link at the bottom of this post;

Elliot's full culmination of this concept dialogue can be found here.

Wednesday 9 October 2013

... WIP Updates ahoy!...

Well things have been a little slow this last week (work being work and a media server crapping itself during a rebuild to blame), so I thought i'd post an update.

I have updates from 3/4 commissioned artists, each are WIP, so please understand they're not the finished products :)

First up, Vincent (aka Duskfrost) with Farseer number 3 of 20 aka the Frostseer. Each Farseer will have different elements painted on their respective cloak (with the exception of the Whiteseer, that will be something else entirely);


Meanwhile, Navin over at Paintedfigs.com has had his lads working on the Dire Avenger concept - the first he admitted was a bit rushed just to see if the colours would work, the rest will be a bit tidier, but i'm loving the theme starting to really come out in the army now;

And last but not least, an update on the Jetbike Warlocks and Shining Spears from Luke & Adam at The Sound of Machines! There are one or two bits left to go (a blue energy stripe down each side of the length on the canopy). I've not seen the finished Spirit Seers yet, however they were much the same as previous Warlocks, so i'll leave them up to your imagination;

And a group shot just for good measure ;)

 More goodies to come in the next few weeks!

Friday 27 September 2013

... More rare items!...

It never ceases to amaze me how many interesting folks you run into in this hobby, even the more extreme ones like myself with rare collectables.

Oddly enough, though purchasing an item on eBay, I made contact with a fellow enthusiast with a mate just as nuts (for the rare/unreleased/custom things of Elven kind). He has subsequently offered to sell me a couple of custom items that I wasn't previously aware of - yup, it certainly is a good Friday here. So without further ado;

Custom Dawn of War Farseer...

And, a custom Eldar Dawn of War Webway Gate...

Perhaps I should celebrate by going into a Games Workshop store after work... Do you think they'd let me get past the front door?

Wednesday 25 September 2013

... UPDATED: Jetbike Warlock sneak peak...

Early this morning I had an email from Luke over at The Sound of Machines telling me the Jetbikes have been done - along with an MMS sneak peak, top shot of the finished Warlock. Luke has mentioned there will be more piccies to come in the afternoon, so stay tuned for the rest of them.

Very much liking the work on the canopy!

I'm also told the Shining Spears are completed as well, so those bad boys will be posted up here as well; in total there are 27 Shining Spears, 10 Warlocks and 4 Spirit Seers - Bwahahaha indeed.

Can't wait to mount these lads on the stands that turned up from Back to Base-ix . I will note, the nature of laser cutting had the stands smelling like the amazon had been burned to the ground, probably a good idea to throw them into some warm soapy water to help kill the smell and remove the laminate from both sides of the acrylic - if anyone is looking to buy some!

Update: Here is a quick pic of the Jetbike Warlock and Spirit Seer, some very small alterations happening in the next week or so (Shining Spears and a little bronze for the Jetbike Turbines), updates as they become available :)