A word to the wise

"Ask not the Eldar a question, for they will give you three answers, all of which are true and terrifying to know." - Inquisitor Czevak Turns out, the answers are; "Oh, just a few days", "Our friends will be here shortly" and "We have quite the appetite".

Thursday, 12 September 2013

... Shining Spears & Jetbike Warlocks Underway!...

The boys (Luke & Adam) over at The Sound of Machines have been pretty busy lately. One thing that boggles the mind is how fast they can churn the miniatures out!

As you're all aware (ok, maybe not), Sunday just passed I dropped a bunch of Non-GW Shining Spears and Jetbike Warlocks over to Luke (amongst other things *wink wink, nudge nudge*). What I didn't anticipate was how quickly they've jumped into the squads - The lads are working on a bucketload of Space Marines as well, so perhaps it just helps break things up a tad.

Yesterday Luke posted these piccies up for all to see, however I thought i'd drop them here to showcase how quickly they get stuck into their work - and lovely work it is indeed from what I can see.

First up, Jetbike Warlocks (with a few Spirit Seers in the background who will join the Warlocks);

And the Shining Spears;