A word to the wise

"Ask not the Eldar a question, for they will give you three answers, all of which are true and terrifying to know." - Inquisitor Czevak Turns out, the answers are; "Oh, just a few days", "Our friends will be here shortly" and "We have quite the appetite".

Thursday, 21 August 2014

One Year On - I need to start charging rent

Well today marks the one year anniversary of WCWDB going live as part of a rather insane project. This being the 97th post (hah, funny given the collection started in '97), i'd say not a bad effort almost averaging two posts a week.

Creating this blog was probably the best thing I did to help move this project forward, it has connected with some of the biggest forums of table top gaming, drawn attention from all parts of the world culminating in making this one of the rarest collections out there - not to mention the sheer scale of it all. People have been inspired by it, empowered to do similar things with their own Warhosts and generally bolstered the Eldar ranks (which can only be a good thing in my eyes - screw what GW says about this "dying race" business).

So to one and all who have helped me in getting this display Warhost to its current state and to those who continue to help complete the collection, making it into almost a museum reference for all things Eldar - a very very heart felt thank you, your generosity and consideration over the years will never be forgotten. 

I thought i'd whip over some of the highlights during the last year and end with a list of current WIP items - in case anyone thought the project was stagnating! I can assure you it is only gaining momentum, with a good dose of forward planning.

Now for some pretties...

So what's on the agenda for the next couple of months?

1. Getting my arse into gear and sending the decals off to Matt in Adelaide so the poor bugger can complete the small flyers.

2. Sending Navin the next batch of goodies - Wraithguard ahoy!

3. Sending Vincent the next batch of HQ models, just because.

4. Working with Steve on the wave of Titans - they are shaping up bloody nicely.

5. Scheduling in a date with Adam for the Corsair Jetbikes (kinda sat on the back burner this job).

6. Begin writing the Craftworld history again... kinda got disrupted just a bit.

7. Buy a house - No kidding, these things are multiplying way too fast.

Well, I guess since it has been a full year I should give you all something pretty drool worthy as a sneak peak. While i'm still sorting out a batch of these, it's probably time to share - and sharing is caring. Yes, your eyes do not deceive you... they are dynamically posed Warp Spiders.

Stay tuned for the next wave of updates ;)