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"Ask not the Eldar a question, for they will give you three answers, all of which are true and terrifying to know." - Inquisitor Czevak Turns out, the answers are; "Oh, just a few days", "Our friends will be here shortly" and "We have quite the appetite".

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Dave's Eldar Dataslates - Part 1

With all the crazy attention that the latest LVO lists have attracted lately, Eldar are most certainly not going to be flavor of the month. Despite this, i've been messing about with the idea of some unit specific (of not Craftworld themed) Dataslates. None of the below are intended to be over powered, merely to add some synergy, bringing the lesser considered units back into the "appealing" bracket. Ideally, i'd love it if these were used to overload choice to the point where the common Serpent spam lists are a tad less common.

Feel free to have a mess about with these in friendly games, play testing as you go along. With each, i've provided a little forethought into why I believe they could be a good thing. As with any experimental fan made rules, I fully expect good and bad comments - please do comment on how the rules have gone in a game. Naturally, i'd like to hear from those who have given them a go, rather than outright "that won't work" responses :)

Star Striders - An Alaitoc themed Dataslate

Forethought: Rangers really got attention back when the Craftworld Eldar supplement was released. The reason for this was their Ranger Disruption table, which was extremely nasty when you got one roll per unit on the field. Whilst it was open to abuse, the list did add flavor. As Rangers currently stand, they make excellent backfield objective holders, yet aren't used all that often in the midfield or for true fire lane control akin to their Anti-MEQ Dark Reapers comrades.

Rules: An Eldar or Corsair list may take the following formation, consisting of 2+ units of Eldar Rangers (or Pathfinders if Illic is present)

Upon rolling a successful assault by an enemy unit/model, yet before models are moved the Ranger (or Pathfinder) unit targeted may roll 1D6. On the successful roll of 5+ (4+ for Pathfinders), the Star Striders fade into the shadows. The enemy unit does not successfully assault this turn and models remain stationary. The Star Strider formation may make this save once per game, per formation (not per individual unit in the formation).

Cosmic Serpents - A Saim Hann themed Dataslate

Forethought: Vyper Jetbikes (although the Jetbike term has been dropped and appended though editions), seem to have lost their shine since 4th Edition. Warp Spiders, Shining Spears, Crimson Hunters and even weight of fire from Swooping Hawks. Forgeworld's Hornet overshadows the Vyper in almost every way and the Wasp can outlay sickening amounts of fire, whilst using Jump-Shoot-Jump capabilities. There are literally 10 different Fast Attack options and the poor iconic Vyper is right at the bottom.

Rules: An Eldar or Corsair list may take the following formation, consisting of 1+ Vyper Jetbike squadrons with the following conditions;

A Vyper Jetbike Squadron may "pair" with a single Windrider or Corsair Jetbike unit, if present as part of a normal Troops selection. For every three (3) Jetbikes in the unit, an additional Vyper Jetbike in the Squadron may benefit from the following "pairing", or none may benefit at all. E.g.: Two Windrider units nine (9, 18 total) models in number can be "paired" with two Vyper Jetbike Squadrons of three (3, 6 total) in number.

"Paired" Vyper Jetbike Squadrons within 6" of a Windrider or Corsair Jetbike unit may use the movement rules for Eldar Jetbikes as listed on page 45 of the Core 6th Edition Rulebook. The Armoured Steed clause does not apply as Vyper Jetbikes have no toughness characteristic. Vyper Jetbikes Squadrons are treated as an individual unit, not as part of the Windrider or Corsair Jetbike unit it has "paired" with.

Khaine's Brides - A Biel Tan themed Dataslate

Forethought: Quite a few cries were heard when the Howling Banshees were left practically untouched this edition. Adding insult to injury, they've lost their ability to take down Terminators with their new found AP3 Power Swords. They are still a wonderful unit for Counter Attacks, however. As synergy is key with each unit of an Eldar army list, I felt a little flavor was needed to make them appealing in a Counter Attack sense.

Rules: An Eldar or Corsair list may take the following formation, consisting of 1+ Howling Banshee units. The unit must number ten (10) and include an Exarch with the Fear Exarch power.

When charging an enemy currently in assault with another friendly unit, a single squad in addition to the Howling Banshee unit may also treat the enemy as being under the effects of the Banshee mask, for that charge turn only.

Well, that is the first installment in a series I plan on doing. Stay tuned for the next batch, as I will be working on more than just the five major Craftworlds as this progresses :)

Most importantly, remember to have fun!