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Thursday, 22 January 2015

Eldar Warp Spider Alternatives - Review Time!

I thought it might be about time to do a review of the 3rd party Warp Spiders (note, they're not called this officially) seen on this blog a few months back now, if anything to showcase just how clean these miniatures are and the quality of the product.

Highlights -

1. VERY crisp lines
2. High quality resin
3. No defects or bubbles
4. This stuff doesn't warp (just on the tabletop haha)
5. ALL weapon options represented for the Exarch

Cons -

1. Games Workshop dropped the ball here.
2. Games Workshop should offer the creator a job. Yesterday.

The kit itself comes with an extra Exarch head alternative and each model is dynamically posed. So you can go absolutely silly with options if you so choose. On to the photos...

*Above: The assembled kits in all their glory

*Above: 27 Warp Spiders and accompanying Exarchs 

*Above: Warp Spider Exarch sprue with all options

 *Above: Close Combat arms for Jetbikers (just a little extra thrown in)