A word to the wise

"Ask not the Eldar a question, for they will give you three answers, all of which are true and terrifying to know." - Inquisitor Czevak Turns out, the answers are; "Oh, just a few days", "Our friends will be here shortly" and "We have quite the appetite".

Monday, 30 January 2017

A New Contender - Titan Miniatures

After a lengthy hiatus (admittedly due to buying a house etc), this year's budget has been completed. So what does that mean for the Warhost? Let's just say a few things, probably the biggest though is a LONG discussed (last touched base over a year ago) proposal for the next major batch of miniatures to be painted, this time mostly armour and Rogue Trader miniatures.

Who or which studio is taking on this two year tenure of goodness? Arawn from Titan Miniatures.

A good deal of you have probably seen his work on Facebook pages over the years, however the lad is also a pretty keen 40k player (ranking 2nd in the Australian Independent Tournament Circuit!). A weapon with the brush and on the field ;)

I've taken the liberty of showcasing a little of Arawn's work below, followed by a list of goodies to be started in July this year (2017);

And the list? As follows;

9x Wraithknights (four of the FW variety)
20x Wraithlords (12 new, 6 old, 2 Spirit Walkers)
100+ Rogue Trader Harlequins
230+ Rogue Trader Guardians (including Jetbikes and some very old characters)
40+ New style Harlequins
30x 3rd Party Warp Spiders
30x 3rd Party Swooping Hawks
20x Armorcast Wave Serpents

...and to top it all off...

MK1 & 2 FW Scorpions & Cobra Super Heavy Tanks
3x FW Lynx Super Heavy Tanks
plus a bunch of new style Wraithguard (more than likely)

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Birds of Prey - 3rd Party Swooping Hawks

What a way to end 2016, a year that has been rough as heshin underwear for most people. My good mate from Russia has been at it again, this time with our skyward, grenade pooping magpies of death... the Swooping Hawks.

Now, many of you will know the previous works of Mr.Sergey, the Warp Spiders and howling Banshee Autarch. His Warp Spiders are one of the most sought after items and highest ranking post on this blog... just wait until I get them painted (yes, yes... I'm getting there... display case, then more paint). So, without further ado... the new Angry Birds!

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Maugan Ra and Taldeer (DoW Farseer)

A couple of goodies graced my inbox today, it seems Mr.Vincent has definitely been tinkering away on a couple of the HQ models recently and definitely surprised me with these two new additions to the Warhost. As always, they're gorgeous...

For those of you unfamiliar with the Farseer, it is a fan made customer Dawn of War Taldeer... who got a makeover in the recent screen shots from DoW3, as a frickin Wraithknight incarnate - Yes, that's right... Taldeer, a Farseer as a Wraithknight. And you thought Eldrad was a dick. Prepare your anus monkey men.

As for Mr.Ra, well.. I think he will look smug flanked by 50 of his Aspect Kin. Good times ahead!

Saturday, 2 July 2016

The Eldar Sketchbook - Review Time!

So thanks to the generosity of my best mate, who snagged this at the local GW Bunker B'day celebrations whilst I was out of town, I've been lucky enough to spend the last 24 hours pouring over the book and all its tastiness.

What are we looking at? Basically a collection of Jes Goodwin's sketches dating back almost two decades. I will say up front though, if you have kept up with White Dwarf and the various Eldar books over the years, 99% of the contents have been seen - There is very little in the way of new goodies, or material that hasn't been released already. In a nutshell, it's a nice compendium of Jes' works, and probably not all of them at that.

Each page is littered with multiple angles of anything from the Fire Prism to Aspects to even the Forgeworld Nightwing Interceptor. The book itself would make a fantastic coffee table book, although given its limited edition nature, probably not the kind of collectable you want in the line of coffee stains or being worn down like a Woman's Day magazine at the local Doctors office. Definitely not at $83AUD a pop!

What could have made this feel a bit more special and limited edition like? Perhaps consolidating original artworks from the likes of MG and Co (I still drool at these artworks and would kill for some of his originals), or perhaps sketches of ideas yet to be produced (or abandoned)... Never fear though, these glorious relics of the Eldar are still floating around the Internet (and kindly provided below).

And an old MG favorite...

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Eldar Hornets - Packing a sting

Just a little teaser of the most recent painted additions, twin Pulse Laser wielding Hornets. Who doesn't like the Vypers slightly bigger cousin packing twin f*&k off lasers? Actually my Vypers have been collecting a little dust, despite being the miniatures that got me into the game (along with the still very awesome Falcon - Style that has held up well over the past two decades).

 It has been a while between drinks, however progress is still happening in the background - albeit at a much slower rate until I get this shelving sorted out. The guest room is literally floor to ceiling with boxes of Eldar... not that I'm complaining mind you.

Stay tuned for more pretties over the coming months and hopefully a photo of a full wall of Dras'Volharr beasties.

Monday, 9 May 2016

Hibernation... And Dawn of War III

Well it has been a while since my last post here. With the new Dawn of War III announcement, I figured I best update this blog with where things are at. The project is still going, however buying a house and saving for display space has been prioritised before the rest is sorted out.

Let's just say a lot has been finished off in bulk, and the dilemma of storage has become a very real problem. Life naturally has jumped in the way and kept my bank balance from affording the built in display case... which will take up a space of 50cm D, 330cm W and 220cm High. Yep, lots of shelving with glass sliding lockable doors. Not exactly cheap, but far more cost effective than anything else out there.

Housing over 2200 miniatures is going to be an interesting feat to say the least, and given its in a darker spot of the house the shelves will need to be LED lit (hopefully in the Craftworld orange colours). No doing things by halves!

So what happens beyond this? Well, the rest of the beasties have been batched out to be sorted year on year until the project is done. Originally, the 20th anniversary date was slated for November 2017, although this may be the absolute earliest the Warhost is finished by.

Keeping in mind... there is an entire Harlequin contingent force yet to be dealt with... and those buggers are finicky to build let alone paint. I'm already dreading the repairs I have to do for the miniatures busted in transport... I may be a mad collector, however I'm not a mad modeler...

GW and FW need to lay off all the new Eldar stuff, I can't keep up at this pace unless someone has a winning lotto ticket laying around. If so, please get in touch.

For those of you who have missed it... here's the announcement trailer for Dawn of War III... keep an eye out for the Wraithknights of happiness around the 2 minute mark.

Monday, 14 December 2015

Are we there yet? - Half way point healthcheck

So Saturday brought with it an email of completion for the last batch of Aspects sent over to PaintedFigs.com - meaning the Warhost is now at 50% painted status. Yep, all the little buggers are done (spare a handful here and there), with vehicles and the remaining War Machines to go.

Granted updates will be probably monthly or two monthly from here on in, especially with this "getting settled" into the new house business (which hit my bank account harder than the fist of an angry god. Kudos to the folks working on the Warhost for being so understanding and patient in that regard. Next step, finish outstanding payments, save for a cabinet, resume Warhost commissions.

*Note: I may look a little something like this when the project is complete.

Not a bad effort considering the amount covered so far, it has been a crazy time. Made even more interesting by all the new releases the Eldar have had in the last two years. Seriously, we're now only missing the Exodites and all Eldar sub-types will be covered (CWE, DE, Corsairs, Harlequins... and Exodites). That would indeed make me a happy camper.

Monday, 26 October 2015

Arrrrrrr... ye' free Saturday night? Corsairs en route

By now most of you have heard about the re-release of IA11 - The Doom of Mymeara. In the latest revamp of a golden oldie, we're getting all kinds of new happy fun time goodies... including access to Wraithknights with a slew of new weapons, Wraith Titans (rules to be confirmed) and a mix of general bad assery.

These guys were due a couple of years back, however were put on the backburner for the HH gear and Warlord Titan. I'm glad we were forced to wait, as the CW Eldar got a major injection of fun, which can only translate over into goodies for the Corsairs. Anyone who has been up against these guys will know the pain they can bring in their current incarnation - They're very viable on the tabletop in present form... expect alot of Eldar players to convert over to these death dealers of the rum drinking variety.

Having a full Corsair contingent myself (All my Titans and Vampire class flyers are of the Corsair variety), this makes me very happy in the pants. As I'm sure many of you will be thrilled of the impending release, I very much look forward to seeing new collections spring up full of eye candy on the interwebs.

Now, all we are missing is the Exodites, and the magic five will be complete ;)

What a wonderful Universe. Stay tuned!

Monday, 27 July 2015

Update: Paying rent to the Eldar

It has been a bit of a long standing joke that I'd have to buy a house simply for the Craftworld. Sadly there is a little truth in this, as one of the conditions was to ensure it had a space for a display cabinet - and a fourth bedroom to store them in the interim. Yes, really.

So what is this post about? I've just bought said house, sussed out a display cabinet and been served a warning notice from my wallet and bank account to resume a cruising speed rather than "full steam ahead" as it has been the last two years. Basically, posts will be reduced to once a month, or as new developments occur for the next 6-12 months while "damage control" on my bank account takes place.

In short, this is the plan of attack;

1. All miniatures "in the field" aka in the hands of commissioned artists, are to be completed before the next batches can be released. This will likely be Q2 next year.

2. Normalise the costs involved with taking on a new house - You know, buying the essentials. A trip to Costco resulted in buying popcorn, only to realise... "I don't own a microwave...". Being Costco let's just say I have a lot of popcorn sitting idle.

3. Acquire said display cabinet. This sucker is about 220cm wide, 53cm deep and 223cm high. Yes, it needs more shelves. Estimates suggest it will hold the bulk foot troops, vehicles are going in a different spot, and Warmachines already have their own cabinet (bought with the house). If I manage to find anything wider in the next six months, I'll definitely be grabbing it with both hands.

Well that about sums it up for now, rest assured this project is not on hiatus, simply taking time to "move in", before I start paying the Eldar rent money.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

3rd Party Howling Banshees - All fear the voice of Death

I've said it many times that without the assistance of many generous and helpful folks over the years this project wouldn't be enjoying the success to date, and today is no different. A certain very awesome friend from Russia made the day a little brighter by sending over this gem, soon to be Banshee Autarch of the 40 strong unit. Yet another sensational piece with all the trimmings! Love your work Sergey!

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Guardians of the Galaxy - Yeah, not those guys

Guardians. At first most think "Yeah, cannon fodder", then they're hit with the realisation of a blade storm shredding their ranks with relative ease, dismissing any thought there could be no danger from mere grunts. So what does a person do when confronted with 120 Defender Guardians ready to make sure your day feels like a Monday, and you've just run out of coffee? Prepare for imminent constipation, followed by shattering the porcelain throne.

Old mate Navin from PaintedFigs.com has sent over the latest work, complete with magnetised weapon platforms for extra pain and suffering. Enjoy the pretty pictures in all their awesomeness.

Friday, 1 May 2015

What does a 101,000+ Point Warhost Consist of?

The great census of 2015. If you've ever wondered what this monster of a collection consists of... well below should give a pretty good summary. Keeping in mind this has not taken into account the new models having been released in the last fortnight. Yes there will be more added over time... and my credit card will cry as that unfolds.

Avatar 3
Wraithseer 1
Farseer 22
Spirit Seer 4
Warlock 50
Autarch 5
Phoenix Lord 7
Jetbike Farseer 4
Jetbike Warlock 22
Jetbike Autarch 7
Illic Nightspear 1
Harlequin Avatar 1
Firedragon Bodyguard 2
Yriel 1
Solitaire 5
Shadow Seer 10
Death Jester 11
Fire Dragons 53
Howling Banshees 40
Striking Scorpions 68
Ghost Warriors OOP 20
Wraithguard 90
Wraithblades 40
Guardians OOP 212
Storm Guardians 120
Defender Guardians 120
Guardian Jetbikes OOP 20
Guardian Jetbikes 72
Russian Jetbikes (JG) 100
Harlequins (Old) 100
Harlequins (4th Ed) 24
Harlequins (7th Ed) 12
Corsair Jetbikes 20
Rangers 100
Dire Avengers 110
Corsairs 120
Wave Serpent 73
Star Weaver 6
Wave Serpent (Epicast) 20
Fast Attack
Crimson Hunter 4
Wraithfighter 4
Hornets 18
Nightwing 4
Shadow Spectres 36
Russian Spears 27
Harlequin Jetbikes OOP 25
Skyweavers 18
Shining Spears 30
Swooping Hawks 44
Vypers 18
Warp Spiders 40
Russian Spiders 30
Wasps 18
Heavy Support
Dark Reapers 50
Falcons (Armorcast) 3
Falcons 4
Fire Prism 6
Fire Storm 3
Night Spinner 6
Void Weaver 3
Void Dragon Phoenix 4
Phoenix Bomber 4
Support Weapons 9
War Walkers OOP 3
War Walkers 12
Warp Hunter 3
Wraithknight 5
Spirit Warrior 2
Wraithlord 12
Wraithlord OOP 6
Phantom Titan #1 FW 1
Phantom Titan #2 FW 1
Phantom Titan #3 AC 1
Revenant Titan #1 FW 1
Revenant Titan #2 FW 1
Revenant Titan #3 FW 1
Revenant Titan #4 FW 1
Revenant Titan #5 AC 1
Revenant Titan #6 AC 1
Knight Destroyer #1 1
Knight Destroyer #2 1
Bright Stallion Knight 1
Cobra MKII #1 1
Cobra MKI #1 1
Scorpion MK1 #1 1
Scorpion MK1 #2 1
Scorpion MKII #1 1
Scorpion MKII #2 1
Tempest #1 AC 1
Tempest #2 AC 1
Tempest #3 AC 1
Lynx #1 1
Lynx #2 1
Lynx #3 1
Vampire Raider #1 1
Vampire Raider #2 1
Vampire Hunter #1 1