A word to the wise

"Ask not the Eldar a question, for they will give you three answers, all of which are true and terrifying to know." - Inquisitor Czevak Turns out, the answers are; "Oh, just a few days", "Our friends will be here shortly" and "We have quite the appetite".

Monday, 25 June 2018

What awaits: The next four years...

So the light is finding its way to the end of the tunnel. As most of you know by now, especially commissioned artists and studios, I don't put deadlines on any of the works - this prevents the artists from getting burn out and also gives them flexibility to really shine when putting thought into the pieces.

*I will preface this in saying the below considers a time line of two years for the HQ/Titans, and 3-4 for everything else.

As most who follow this blog would have noticed, Vincent is getting out of the painting business and now well into sculpting miniatures for his business Limbo Miniatures. Seriously, check out his stuff, its jaw dropping.

What does this mean? Well, all the HQ models for the Eldar were his exclusively to manage, until now. The helm is being passed to Linford of Banshiek Miniature Painting (Brisbane, QLD) after seeing his incredible works with other Eldar commissions (seen below).

While a few miniatures are on their way back from Vincent, Linford will be taking up the helm in November on the next batch of 26.

Meanwhile, Clayton from Can Brush Studios (Toowoomba, QLD) will have his work cut out for him with doing detail/repair work on the Warmachines (some were severely damaged in transit, others will have the pilots and fine details attended to.

Over in Colorado, USA, Steve from Third Fate Creations will be kicking off work on the Armorcast Titans (Phantom, Warlock Class kit and Revenants).

In the background, and I owe this lad an apology for the delays of over two years (yeah, bad Dave), Arawn from Titan Miniatures will be taking care of a stupidly large amount of Wraith constructs, Jetbikes and Harlequins (don't worry... I won't be asking for all those diamonds, I'm not a sadist).

Saturday, 3 February 2018

More 3rd Party Goodness - Boneshees & Farseers

As you folks know, my desire to complete this Warhost is not restricted to normal production models... so when I see something mind blowing, I jump on it.

Artel Miniatures is one such company to join the growing list of amazing sculptors. I've just had my Farseer Macha and "Boneshee" arrive - they're both of very high quality resin and detail. Seriously, if all companies could put this kind of quality out I'd have to take out a second mortgage on the house.

Enough with the babble?

Here they are...

On a side note, Artel Miniatures have also released a full squad of Boneshees... I intend on adding 30 of these to the existing Warhost. I'd be an idiot not to. EDIT: 3/2/2018 Post updated, these are no longer available... Sad Dave.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Warp Spider Phoenix Lord - A Story of Clavicle Cleaving

Steve the Man has just sorted out the latest addition to the Dras'Volharr - In the form of a completed Warp Spider Phoenix Lord diorama... Seeing what a Chaos Terminator lord is really made of inside.

This is what you get when a Warp Spider Phoenix Lord decides to open a slice of webway from within and emerges like a Xenomorph chest burster. Hint: It's more spectacular than a stripper from a cake.

I'm a bit limited for time at the moment, however, so I will be brief in this post... enjoy!

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

HQ Update & Airwing Shenanigans

A little more WIP stuff from the Man Vincent in charge of the HQ critters of Craftworld Dras'Volharr. Up this week are the venerable Asurmen, two Farseers and an Autarch of the winged variety.

On a side note, I've been in the midst of flyer repairs getting the winged variety magnetised and up in the display case. Not an easy task - especially when you realise bits were missing or not put on at all, meaning much scurrying to find suitable parts to paint becomes an addition to a long list of "fixes". Yep, moving interstate and having so many minis all over the globe does that!

... And to think I have another 3 years left to get it all under control. What have I got myself into eh?

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Warhost Display Cabinet - Almost complete...

Well, I now feel a little better that the doors are on - and little fingers can't create a hostage situation.

Have to say up front though that the remaining lights inside the cabinet aren't in yet (down and up firing to "fill" the case with light, not just the shelves). Still sourcing some 45 degree angle aluminium profiling to polish it all off yet.

Oh, and no, the ceiling isn't warped, that's just the camera on my phone being a dick... also with the lighting, but it gives you all some idea of what the Warhost will be housed in. Should only be about a month away from completion at this rate, then I'll begin sending out the remaining batches as I can afford to have them painted. With a newborn on the way, its going to get a bit tight for cash (it is already... but the spare room is now direly needed).

Without further ado, here are the piccies...

Friday, 5 May 2017

HQ Eldar - First wave on its way home

As most of you know, the Warhost is completely commission painted by a number of artists globally. One lad, Vincent, has held the reigns over all HQ models (with the exception of Warlocks). The good news? He's on the home stretch! In recent times, Vincent has switched from commission painting to his own personal line of miniatures - Limbo Miniatures - As you might imagine, running your own business takes up a fair chunk of time :)

Luckily, Vincent has been gracious enough to finish off the HQ models, being his last comission - for which I am immensely grateful. One look at the quality and how he has given each model its own uniqueness while keeping the theme, and you will see why I'm pretty thrilled he has stuck with me getting these HQ models done over the years. They've all come out absolutely stunning!

See below for a line up of all the models to date Vincent has completed for the Dras'Volharr...

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Warp Spider Phoenix Lord - Complete!

### UPDATE: 9/05/2017 - There have been numerous folks seemingly with their panties in a twist over this model - It is NOT for sale, I am making no profit, cashing in, etc etc - The model is purely appropriated (at considerable personal expense) to fill a gap and create a unique stand out piece that makes this project that little bit more unique than it already is. Thank you to all those who have been supportive over the last two decades, you're why this project is still going. In regards to GW IP, this page exists to remind everyone it is in NO means a challenge to GW. If anything it should flatter the company that a fan would go to these extreme measures of commitment to exhibit just how much enjoyment they've had with ensuring the pointy space elves don't go extinct. ###

Ok, so now that the beast is done, I'll spend a little more time explaining exactly how this model came into being. Most of you are probably wondering "why" for some aspects of this... aspect.. heh. Some items are glaringly obvious, others not so much... there is a rhyme and reason to it though.

We will start with the general concept and go into the defining features, then onto the "different" bits.

Many of you are familiar with the lore based Lhykosidae concept Wraith (Warp) Spider from the Eldar Prophecy novel - The name coming from the Wolf Spider's scientific description... almost verbatim. This model is an attempt at creating that embodiment - complete with eight limbs! Ultimately, the model was going to be slightly less typical of a suit wrapped around a humanoid figure, with more emphasis on a 60/40 creature balance than the other way around. The idea being the creature drives the suit and gives off that creepy feeling rather than just some fancy "guy".

One typical feature of Eldar Phoenix Lords is their "fabulously" large heads, or very distinctive styling exhibited in the head/shoulder pads/weaponry. This model is no exception. The head was streamlined, given a sinister narrowed glare and mandibles to suit - think camel spider, yet exaggerated.

The backpack, typically being large and bulky, was going to be a challenge as the armatures would have to be exceedingly long to prevent the miniature from looking chunky and encumbered despite teleportation capabilities. It was decided to incorporate the backpack into the suit. With the vent ports built into the front and sides of the flexing armour structure, had to be thinned to move with the ebb and flow if the model was to look manoeuvrable enough. Webway nodules, as seen on normal backpacks were still included (shoulders) to keep that distinctive link.

Given the Wraith Spider concept, it was decided that grenades would be "grown" out of the thigh plates through the Wraithbone itself. This saved having a bunch of dangly bits to cast individually given the already complex structure requirements. A slightly armoured carapace around the shoulders was also incorporated to tie back the typical Phoenix Lord exaggerated styling - a Warp Spider shrine rune was incorporated into one side, with a giant spirit stone on the other.

The main weapon was a tricky design... most have a pipe leading back to the backpack itself, however with so many armatures, this was going to get very tangled with all those arms moving about. Instead, the design for a relic weapon, which incorporated its own power source was chosen... making it long, similar to a spinnerette rifle - however, as with most Phoenix Lords, an integrated double edged power axe was added giving the option of either hacking the bejesus out of its target, or going full "Chopper Reid" with a well placed armature shanking. This guy would have a ball in H-Division.

The armatures were to be a defining feature, bringing the model up to eight limbs for a spider like appearance. Each blade however, needed to be reaching, scything (as a true power blade should) and powered. The nodules joining the blade to the armature were given a wraithbone organic look with gems to act like capacitors... or if you like... poison glands (flexibility was considered).

Overall, a stylistic approach was considered at every turn to ensure this beast could move like one, change tactic on the fly and while remaining unique, incorporate as much of the existing Warp Spider feel without being clunky - it had to be the ultimate form of a fast and deadly creature.

Steve and I have been in talks as to how this model will come to life once cast in white metal, let's just say the speed, evasiveness and accurate evisceration of its target will be represented in true cinematic styling.