A word to the wise

"Ask not the Eldar a question, for they will give you three answers, all of which are true and terrifying to know." - Inquisitor Czevak Turns out, the answers are; "Oh, just a few days", "Our friends will be here shortly" and "We have quite the appetite".

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

GW Shining Spears: Sample mock up...

Good ole Navin over at PaintedFigs.com just got back to me with the revision sample for some Shining Spears of the Games Workshop kind. Previously, I had the Non-GW Shining Spears done up which set out the theme for how future Spears were to be painted. Don't pay much attention to the linework at present, keeping in mind this was a mock up model that has had a few layers of paint to make sure the colours were right before being stamped out en mass :)

When these are sorted out (and the stragglers are sent over), there will be 54 (six full squads of nine) Shining Spears, each with its own Jetbike Autarch to lead the spearhead.